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Casually smiling, the Avenger Vision relaxes, leaning on a wood box from an antique tube TV set, in which its screen shows the image of his beloved wife Wanda, wearing a classic dress as the protagonist of an old series. Costumed for Halloween, he dresses an uniform similar to his original version from the comics, but in a much simpler and stripped-down way, with a sports shorts, sneakers and yellow socks, he describes himself to Wanda as a Mexican Wrestling, where “luchadores” stand out because of their leotards, capes and colorful masks. Inspired by “All-New Halloween Spooktacular!”, the sixth episode from Marvel’s miniseries “WandaVision” from streaming channel Disney+, Iron Studios present the statue “Vision Halloween Version – WandaVision – MiniCo”, with the stylized hero on a pedestal decorated with two themed pumpkins with passionate eyes.

Using her magic, the Avenger hero Wanda Maximoff changes the reality of a small town, transforming it on fictional world based on the sitcom TV series, with each themed episode from a different period, with several references emulating old series, where the synthezoid Vision appears married to Wanda and living unusual and fun family situations. WandaVision was the first TV series integrated to the MCU, produced by Marvel Studios. Among the most acclaimed by the general public and critics, this episode pays tribute to the Halloween theme episodes like in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s TV series.

Originally presented on the Inside Iron Studios Halloween Special at the YouTube channel in October 2021, already available for Pre-Order, this statue is part of a pair with “Wanda Halloween Version – WandaVision – MiniCo”, also available for Pre-Order, check it out. More news on the MiniCo line coming soon!


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