Bandai Carddass One Piece Card Game Paramount War [OP-02] Booster Box

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The 2nd booster with the theme of the popular Marineford arc!

Whitebeard, three admirals of the Navy, Ivankov, and other characters who went wild in the final battle gather here!

Of course, many cards that can strengthen the deck of the previous bullet are also included!

The new color “black” cards that first appeared in ST-06 are also greatly expanded!

In addition to single-color black, multi-color leaders with new combinations such as red and black “Garp” are also appearing one after another!

Combos that have never been possible will greatly expand the range of strategies!

Point 3 Even if you start with this product, you can quickly catch up!

You can build an ultra-powerful deck with the new color “black” cards that have entered the market in earnest from this product!

You can catch up with users from the previous bullet at once!

1 pack: 6 cards + 1 index

121 types in total

Leader: 8 types, Common: 45 types, Uncommon: 30 types, Rare: 26 types, Super Rare: 10 types, Secret: 2 types


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