Iron Studios Alpha 5 Regular – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – Art Scale 1/10

ETA: 4th Quarter 2022


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At a secret base of operations known as the Command Center in the California desert, a small sentient multi-purpose automaton, with a black body covered in detailed red and gold armor, a disk-shaped head and a red bar for eyes, acts as assistant to the wise wizard Zordon and the group of heroes known as the Power Rangers, although he is a robot, he has many emotions that make him almost human, and always in more extreme situations, he expresses his panic or euphoria by repeatedly exclamation “YI” (“YI “) several times. Further expanding its collection derived from the cult Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series and answering the requests of many fans and collectors, Iron Studios brings the statue “Alpha 5 – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – Art Scale 1/10”,

Built by King Lexian in the planet Edenoi thousands of years ago, Alpha created a strong friendship bond with the wizard Zordon of Eltar, that became a father figure for the small robot creature, that in return became his ally and trusty assistant. Obeying every command and order from Zordon, Alpha 5, or simply “Alpha” as he is most called, was the architect responsible for the creation of the Command Center and for finding the group of five young friends and taking them to the galactic wizard, as chosen to face evil in the form of the Sorceress Rita Repulsa. Operating from inside the headquarters most of the time, monitoring the activities of the wicked Rita Repulsa and her minions, when necessary, Alpha can hit his enemies with energy electric charges and has also the ability to create organic matter, like flowers; or he can use his powers to create costumes.

Adapted from the Japanese series Tokusatsu Super Sentai, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers tells the story of a group of five heroes with special powers, each of them using a costume with a predominant color and having an armory including a giant Mech robot called Dinozord in the shape of a prehistoric animal, that can join together to create a giant robot known as Megazord to fight enormous alien creatures.


– License: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
– Scale: 1/10
– Limited edition
– Based on original references
– Made in polystone – *(may contain parts in resin, polystone, PVC, metal and fabric)
– Hand painted
– Product dimensions: 6.7 in (A) x 6.3 in (L) x 4.7 in (D)
– Product Weight: 0.6 lbs


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