Iron Studios Batman Unleashed Deluxe – DC Comics – Art Scale 1/10 (FREE SHIPPING Within Metro Manila)


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Over rocks and stalagmites from his underground lair, on the base of a metallic platform with an industrial floor, the Dark Knight watches closely next to a display flaring the dome-shape icy helmet from one of his great enemies, as another trophy of his victories on his endless crime-fighting crusade. Wearing his gray and black body armor, composed of Kevlar and metal elements, besides many technological devices like night vision, gas filters, and others that allow him to protect himself and optimize his fighting skills, he wields two Batarangs with blades between the fingers of his right hand ready to be used as shuriken stars. Imposing and filled with thorough details, with his back covered by his outstanding black cape made in fabric, created with extreme attention, with strict and accurate care to achieve maximum prominence in your collection, Iron Studios proudly present their statue “Batman Unleashed Deluxe – DC Comics – Art Scale 1/10”, that takes the 1/10 scale to a new excellency standard for a figure in this proportion.

As a child, Bruce Wayne saw his parents brutally murdered on Crime Alley in Gotham City. Traumatized by their deaths, he dedicated his life to becoming the world’s greatest weapon against crime – Batman! To become the ultimate vigilante, the Dark Knight disciplined his mind and body to achieve the apex of mental and physical superiority in his relentless pursuit of justice. Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger in 1939, Batman doesn’t have any superhuman powers, using only his intellect, investigative skills, technology, and a well-prepared physique in his crusade against the most dangerous and insane villains of Gotham.

First revealed on the monthly show Inside Iron Studios Day on YouTube, and already available for Pre-Order, Iron Studios adds with this release another memorable statue to their Unleashed line, presenting the Dark Knight with all the evolution in creation and development of the 1/10 scale, on a themed base from his Batcave, with the Easter egg detail of the villain Mr. Freeze by his side, a cape made in fabric, and the iconic bat symbol on the front. Be sure to get this statue that really does justice to the Deluxe on its description. Perfect to exhibit next to the statue “Superman Unleashed Deluxe – DC Comics – Art Scale 1/10”, also available for Pre-Order. Check out more news by Iron Studios on their social media and YouTube channel.


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