Iron Studios Bebop – TMNT – Art Scale 1/10 Statue


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Dressed only in a vest with turtle shells on the shoulders, worn jeans, and a pair of big red sneakers, the robust half-man, half-boar runs across the sewer’s galleries of New York, crushing down the brick walls in the hunt of his chelonian enemies. Despite the threatening appearance of his large tusks, and the fact that he is heavily armed with a submachine gun customized with a drill and brandishing a crowbar above his quirky mohawk haircut, even with great physical strength, his incompetence, lack of intelligence, and playful behavior causes him to fail miserably almost always. Expanding their collection of the universe of the most beloved turtles in pop culture, Iron Studios bring the statue “Bebop BDS – TMNT – Art Scale 1/10″, with Rocksteady’s inseparable partner, from the clumsiest pair of henchmen allied with the fearsome villain Shredder, and enemies of the Ninja Turtles.

Originally an African American human gangster called Anton Zeck, better known as Bebop, he was the second in command of a street gang ruled by his friend and partner Rocksteady, that worked for Shredder. They received the mission to stop the television reporter April O’Neil from reporting a series of crimes in the town. While being pursued by the gang members, she sought shelter in the sewers and ended up meeting and getting saved by the group of Ninja Turtles, that defeated the gang in a humiliating battle for Bebop, Rocksteady, and their allies. After their army also failed to defeat the Turtles, the alien Krang advised Shredder to transform his soldiers into mutants so they would have similar abilities to the Turtles. With a new plan, Shredder searched for volunteers for his experiments, and Bebop and Rocksteady offered themselves to undertake the procedure, even without being fully aware of what that would entail. After Shredder stole a rhino and a boar from the zoo, the thugs had their DNA mutated with the kidnapped animals, Bebop is transformed into an anthropomorphic mutant boar and Rocksteady into a rhino, both gaining the enormous strength of their animal counterpart but maintaining the limited intellect.

Created by David Wise and Peter Laird originally for the animated series in 1987, the characters` charisma guaranteed their permanent presence in the franchise. Their names curiously derive from two musical genres: bebop is a style of jazz, while rocksteady is a Jamaican music style, a precursor of reggae. Iron Studios also bring the statue “Rocksteady BDS – TMNT – Art Scale 1/10” to compose the duo of clumsy villains. Revealed on the Inside Iron Studios Day show of February on Iron Studios’ official YouTube channel, the statue is already available for Pre-Order. Check out other statues from the TMNT universe by Iron Studios!


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