Iron Studios DeLorean Full Set Deluxe – Back to the Future Part II – Art Scale 1/10 (FREE SHIPPING Within Metro Manila)

ETA: 3rd Quarter 2022

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FREE SHIPPING Within Metro Manila

Newcomers to the hypothetical year 2015, young Marty McFly and his friend Dr. Emmett Brown, dressed in their futuristic special outfits to go unnoticed, plan their next steps alongside their time-shifting vehicle, the iconic Delorean Time Machine, which floats over the base of a Hill Valley town street in the future.

Meticulously incorporating every detail in its composition, each of the cables, wires and gadgets reproduced in this replica, filled with internal and external lights, even in its so-called Mr. Fusão reactor, which produces fuel from waste (preferably organic, like soda or banana peel) to energize it, with light in its unmistakable flux capacitor, and below its raised wheels in-flight position, supported by a side rod similar to the one used in the movie scene to bring the ultimate infidelity, and with its gull door open revealing the interior and its circuit of time. Made mostly of resin, with minimal plastic parts in its composition, Iron Studios proudly presents its first statue version of the fantastic

With the newspaper lying at his feet bringing news of the arrest of his young friend Marty McFly’s son in the future, the afflicted scientist calculates every second by looking at his watch, wearing costumes flashy by today’s standards but common in his fictional epoch. , clutching its silver Augmented Reality Wearable glasses, Iron Studios brings the “Doc Brown in Alley-Back to the Future Part II-Art Scale 1/10” statue, part of this diorama setting from the second film in the franchise.

And already duly wearing futuristic special automated clothes, with a self-adjusting and self-drying jacket, and the so-desired by many self-adjusting sneakers, the young adventurer arrives in the future with a bright iridescent cap on his head and a floating board similar to a skateboard. called Hoverboard in hand, accessories that he receives from his best friend Dr. Brown, to comply with the standards of that time and fulfill the mission of preventing his son from being incarcerated. Adding to the diorama scenario created by Iron Studios, the statue “Marty McFly in Alley – Back to the Future Part II – Art Scale 1/10” still carries in its base at the feet of the figure the tube-shaped backpack that contained its futuristic costumes.

The second installment of the “Back to the Future” franchise’s movie trilogy takes Marty McFly and Doc Brown into an imaginary 2015 future with the legendary DeLorean Time Machine enhanced with a flight engine. The result of the hard work of studying and developing the Iron Studios team, which worked with maximum synergy to create this diorama that brings together all the nostalgia of the 1980s film and pop culture. pieces individually, as well as the complete set with the “DeLorean Full Set Deluxe – Back to the Future Part II – Art Scale 1/10”.


– License: Back to the Future Part II
– Scale: 1/10
– Limited edition
– Based on original references
– Made in polystone – *(may contain parts in resin, polystone, PVC, metal and fabric)
– Hand painted
– DeLorean features LED lights
– Includes statues of Marty and Doc
– Product dimensions: 9.8 in (H) x 22.8 in (W) x 14.6 in (D)
– Product Weight: 38.8 lbs


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