Iron Studios Night Trooper – Ahsoka – Art Scale 1/10

ETA: 4th Quarter 2024

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Available on December 31, 2024
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Who is Night Trooper? During the exile of the fearsome Admiral Thrawn on the extragalactic planet Peridea, the Night Troopers were Stormtroopers who served him faithfully. They were stationed aboard the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer Chimaera under the command of Captain of the Guard Enoch. Representing a fighting force that invoked death, in case any Nighy Trooper fell in battle, the Great Mothers could perform the Chant of Resurrection to reanimate the soldier’s corpse and return it to combat. While some Night Troopers managed to escape Peridea aboard the Chimaera and the Eye of Sion, a squad of troopers volunteered to remain and stop the Jedi Ezra Bridger, Ahsoka Tano, and the Mandalorian Sabine Wren. While the three Jedi managed to dispatch the Stormtroopers with relative ease, they were caught off guard when the Great Mothers cast a spell, resurrecting the dead troopers. The Jedi were forced to flee the undead Night Troopers, with Ezra and Sabine just barely surviving an encounter with two zombified Death Troopers. However, upon leaving Peridea, Thrawn ordered that the Star Destroyer Chimaera bombard the Nightsister citadel, neutralizing all the remaining Night Troopers within. Exploring the statue: Energized with the dark magick of the witches known as the Great Mothers, the imperial soldier presents himself with an inhuman level of persistence in his mission. Wearing a standard but damaged Stormtrooper armor, full of cracks filled with golden details and strips of red fabric wrapped around it, Thrawn’s death soldier, active in the escape of Peridea, carries his inseparable E-11 medium blaster rifle, the standard gun for imperial Stormtroopers. Through magick, this deceased soldier was able to come back from the dead as a reanimated corpse, incredibly loyal to Grand Admiral Thrawn, whom he was willing to sacrifice his new life for, with his undead life then also marching in his honor. Straight from the TV series Ahsoka from streaming service Disney +, Iron Studios presents the statue “Night Trooper – Star Wars – Art Scale 1/10”, alive or dead, the zombie Stormtrooper soldier from Captain Enoch’s troops, servant of the relentless Admiral Thrawn. Figure details: Created for Iron Studios’ Star Wars line, inspired by the Ahsoka TV streaming series, Night Trooper – Star Wars – Art Scale 1/10 measurements are 8,2 in (H) – 4,5 in (W) – 3,9 in (D), weighting 1,1 lb., which allows an impressive presentation of the statue in any environment. Special features: The Night Trooper – Star Wars – Art Scale 1/10 statue by Iron Studios will be produced in a limited edition. The diorama base presents rich details inspired by the original references. Materials and finishing of the piece: Just like all the statues manufactured by Iron Studios, the statue Night Trooper – Star Wars – Art Scale 1/10 is made with high-quality materials, such as Polystone, and may contain other parts in resin, PVC, metal, and fabric. The manual painting of the finishing guarantees a unique and exclusive artistic touch to please all the collectors. Another Iron Studios statue revealed on the Inside Iron Studios Day of March, is already available for Pre-Order, check out the other statues Grand Admiral Thrawn and Captain Enoch – Star Wars – Art Scale 1/10 among the future Star Wars releases from the Ahsoka series. Check out more news soon on Iron Studios’ social media and YouTube channel.


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