Iron Studios Ahsoka Tano – Star Wars Ahsoka – Art Scale 1/10 (FREE A4 Poster)

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Just like a bird of prey ready to capture its food, the pariah Force-sensitive warrior jumps through a window while opening her arms, wielding two different-size Lightsabers with her body covered by a black poncho, she attacks with precision and concentration, keeping her eyes focused on her target. Trained in the past in the ways of the Jedi by Anakin Skywalker, she lost faith in those she trusted after being wrongfully accused, but she never abandoned the objectives of using her gifts to bring order, justice, and peace to the galaxy. Inspired by her own show produced and available on the streaming service Disney+, Iron Studios presents the statue “Ahsoka Tano Deluxe – Ahsoka series – Art Scale 1/10” in a special celebratory edition for the show, numbered and limited to 999 statues.

Ahsoka was inserted into the canon of the Star Wars saga in 2008 on the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars, created by George Lucas and Dave Filoni. Rebellious, charismatic, and impulsive, she earned her place in the fandom, appearing in books, Comic Books, and in the animation Star Wars Rebels from 2014. Native from planet Shili, just like the master Shaak Ti from the Jedi Consul, she belongs to the people called Togrutas, a sentient humanoid species known for their colorful skin tones, montrals (hollow cone-like horns) instead of hair, and white facial pigments. Brave, loyal, generous, and good-hearted, during the Clone Wars Ahsoka was wrongfully accused of murder and treason, kicked out by the Jedi Order, and almost sentenced to death. After proving her innocence, she rejected the opportunity of becoming a Jedi since she lost faith in the Order for not supporting her. She made other allies and, since then, continued her crusade to restore freedom and democracy to the people oppressed by the Empire. In The Jedi, the 13th chapter of Season 2 of The Mandalorian on Disney+, Ahsoka appears in live-action, adult, played by Rosaria Dawson, and fights next to Mando against the Imperial magistrate Morgan Elsbeth, and her oppressor domain to inhabitants of the city of Calodan. Returning later to her own show, also on Disney+, facing the threat of the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn, a relentless officer from the Galactic Empire time, until then considered dead, and deemed by remaining followers as heir of the Empire. Tano interrogated Elsbeth, Thrawn’s ally, and found out the position of a map that supposedly talked about the exile location of Thrawn, in the galaxy of Peridea. She found the map in the form of an Orb in the ruins of an old fortress in Arcana and asked her former Mandalorian ally Sabine Wren to decipher the Orb, locate Thrawn, and maybe her old Padawan Jedi ally Ezra Bridger.

Faithfull down to the tiniest details, from the realistic movement to the textures of her clothes, from the facial features to the anatomy of actress Rosario Dawson, this fantastic statue from Iron Studios is already available for Pre-Order, presented firsthand on the monthly show Inside Iron Studios Day of September on YouTube, Ahsoka Tano Deluxe expands the collection of the greatest icons in Star Wars universe, collection in which besides the classic characters from the movies, new legendary characters present in shows such as The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Ahsoka Tano with statues inspired by the past and the future of a saga from a Galaxy Far, Far Away…And there is still much more to come!


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