Iron Studios Thor – Love and Thunder MINI Co.

ETA: 2nd Quarter 2023

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With his muscular fitness regained, the God of Thunder returns with his powerful enchanted axe Stormbreaker leaning on his shoulder, and ready for battle with his newest Asgardian armor in shades of blue, black, and golden details, with his red cape attached to the back. Inspired by Marvel’s latest success in the movie theaters, Iron Studios bring the statue “Thor – Thor: Love and Thunder – MiniCo”, with the Viking avenger from space in the stylized Toy Art format, derivative from his fourth solo movie where he starts his new journey in the MCU.

After many adventures in space next to the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor returns to Earth and his people, now living in New Asgard in Norway, to protect them from the infamous Gorr, the God Butcher, a new and fearsome villain that seeks revenge, and wishes to eliminate all the gods in the universe. To face him, the son of Odin will have the help of his rocky alien friend Korg, the Asgardian queen and warrior Valkyrie, and an unexpected ally, the Mighty Thor, his old girlfriend Jane Foster that shows up wielding his Mjølnir hammer repaired, and worthy of such power, transforms herself into the goddess of thunder.

Revealed on the Inside Iron Studios Day show on YouTube, check out the statue “Mighty Thor Jane Foster – Thor: Love and Thunder – MiniCo”, which makes the perfect pair with the Son of Odin, both already available for Pre-Order. Check out other releases and more MiniCo news by Iron Studios on their social media and YouTube channel.


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