Iron Studios Trap Jaw BDS – Masters of the Universe – Art Scale 1/10

ETA: 3rd Quarter 2023


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Pragmatic and observant, the wizard of weapons member of the evil warriors of Eternia, and one of Skeletor’s main minions, stands over a rocky pedestal, armed for combat with his mechanical arm and his crushing jaw, with sharp teeth and a deadly bite, the unmistakable figure stands out in the battleground not only because of his technological resources and combat skills, but also because of his warlike creations in the form of artifacts, weapons, vehicles, and all other instruments of destruction created for his master and allies. Expanding Skeletor’s evil forces in their collection, Iron Studios bring the statue “Trap Jaw BDS – Masters of the Universe – Art Scale 1/10”, with the weapon expert cyborg warrior, and enemy of He-Man and the other heroic warriors of Eternia.

In the past he was a servant warrior of warlord Keldor named Kronis, he joined the villain in the quest to master the mystic secrets of Castle Grayskull and conquer planet Eternia, but after Keldor’s defeat and his transformation into Skeletor, Kronis challenged him believing he wasn’t the same leader he followed into battle. More powerful than ever, Skeletor easily defeated Kronis and his allies. Mutilated during the lethal fight with his former lord, as a mocking gesture, Skeletor ordered Tri-Klops to heal his wounds. He was reconstructed as a cyborg with his lost jaw replaced by a metallic one capable of biting into nearly anything, and a digestive system that made it possible for him to absorb almost every substance, adopting then the name of Trap Jaw. With an interchangeable robotic right arm, he uses different formats like claws, hooks, and laser guns. Since then, he obediently serves his old master, patiently waiting for another chance to beat him. Although he has many skills and mechanical knowledge, Trap Jaw is often rude and demonstrates relatively low intelligence through his actions. With the ability to ingest any substance, he found out that the more metal he eats, the stronger he gets, and when he eats the strongest chemical element in Eternia named Eternium, he can become almost as strong as He-Man.

Meticulously reproducing down to the tiniest details inspired by his classical portrayal, Iron Studios bring Trap Jaw’s statue with the option of an interchangeable extra arm, making it available for the collectors to choose between a powerful laser gun or his deadly hook. Revealed in detail on the show Inside Iron Studios Day of November on YouTube, the statue is already available for Pre-Order. Check out the entire collection of MOTU statues by Iron Studios that will bring heroes such as Prince Adam, He-Man (in both regular and Deluxe versions), Man-At-Arms, Teela and Orko, Sorceress, Ram-Man, Stratos, and Man-E-Faces and the villains Skeletor on Throne Deluxe, Evil-Lyn, Beast Man, and Mer-Man, besides the stylized Toy Art versions He-Man and Skeletor – MOTU – MiniCo. Soon more news from Masters of the Universe by Iron Studios.


– License: MOTU
– Scale: 1/10
– Limited edition
– Based on original references
– Made in polystone – *(may contain parts in resin, polystone, PVC, metal and fabric)
– Hand painted
– Product dimensions: 11 in (H) x 6.3 in (W) x 4.3 in (D)
– Product Weight: 1.7 lbs


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