Joy Toy Warhammer 40k Adepta Sororitas Battle Sisters Order of the Argent Shroud Paragon Warsuit Sister Collaen 1/18 Scale Figure

ETA: 2nd Quarter 2023


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Without fear or doubt, the sisters of the Argent Shroud throw themselves into the deadliest conflicts, marching boldly against overwhelming enemy numbers and into hellish battlefield conditions. They avoid formulating grand stratagems and rarely communicate intended tactics to their allies, to the ire of many Imperial generals.

This is a 1/8 scale highly detailed, articulated figure based on Warhammer 40k’s Adepta Sororitas Battle Sisters Order of the Argent Shroud. Paragon Warsuit Sister Collaen’s figure stands just over 8 inches tall and comes with several interchangeable parts and accessories, opening the door to a plethora of different and unique display opportunities.

Product Features

  • Approx. 8.07 inches tall (20.5cm)
  • 1/18 Scale
  • Made of plastic
  • Based on Warhammer 40k
  • Fully articulated
  • Highly detailed
  • Interchangeable parts and accessories

Box Contents

  • Paragon Warsuit Sister Collaen figure
  • Sword


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