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After witnessing his parents’ deaths at a young age, Bruce Wayne devoted his life to becoming the world’s greatest weapon against crime—Batman! To become the ultimate vigilante, the Dark Knight disciplined his mind and body to reach the pinnacle of mental and physical superiority. Batman has a plan for every occasion as well as high-tech weapons, gadgets, and vehicles to assist him in his pursuit of justice. One such piece of high-tech equipment is his Hazmat Batsuit, built to protect him from a synthetic plague created by Lex Luthor and known as the Amazo Virus. If exposed to the virus, metahumans’ powers will disappear while normal humans will transform into mutated metahumans. But not if Batman can stop it!

This 7-inch scale Batman figure features 22 points of articulation and a high level of detail based on his looks from the DC comics.


Product Features:

  • 7 inch (17.78cm) scale
  • Made of plastic
  • Features Batman from the Justice League: The Amazo Virus story
  • Designed with Ultra articulation with 22 moving parts
  • Figure showcased in DC Multiverse themed window box packaging

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 9.6 × 2.8 in


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