Iron Studios Green Goblin – Spider-Man: No Way Home – BDS Art Scale 1/10

ETA: 2nd Quarter 2023

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Flying in the night sky of New York with his Goblin Glider over Liberty Island, with an insane laugh the fearsome villain passes through, destroying the metallic structure of a scaffold used in the restoration of the symbolic statue renamed Liberty Avenger. Wearing a metallic green battle suit technologically advanced that enhances his strength and endurance, covered by a ragged purple hoodie, previously used to hide his armor, as a spectrum created on Halloween, he prepares himself to throw one of his Pumpkin Bombs. Inspired by his striking appearance in the movie “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, Iron Studios bring the statue “Green Goblin BDS – Spider-Man: No Way Home – Art Scale 1/10”, with Spider-Man’s legendary archenemy masterfully played again by Willem Dafoe in the MCU.

A brilliant scientist and CEO of Oscorp, a company specializing in military research, Ph.D. and businessman Norman Osborn tested a still unstable human enhancement serum on himself. The formula increased his strength to superhuman levels, but as a side effect caused a dissociative identity disorder, transforming the good Doctor Osborn into a chaotic and sadist psychopath. Wearing special armor capable of remotely controlling a flight glider, he created a scary mask to hide his identity and became the villain known as Green Goblin. Presented as Spider-Man’s first enemy in the 2002 movie, the precursor of the trilogy directed by Sam Raimi, when Dr. Strange tried to cast the spell to make everyone forget that Peter Parker was Spider-Man, such enchantment affected the Multiverse’s balance, opening portals that brought over villains that knew about the arachnid hero identity in other universes including the Green Goblin.

Produced for the first time by Iron Studios, the insane villain in his portrayal on this milestone in the movie theaters that gathered for the first-time different versions of the Spider-Man and original villains from distinct adaptations, he composes a battle set with the statues Spider-Man Peter-One, Spider-Man Peter-Two and Spider-Man Peter-Three BDS – Spider-Man: No Way Home -Art Scale 1/10, with Tom Holland next to Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield again reprising their roles from previous productions as the friendly neighborhood hero. He brings an extra head with which the Green Goblin can be portrayed both with his mask on and without it, presenting a fantastic and faithful resemblance with the facial features of Willem Dafoe wearing the hood of his purple sweatshirt. 20 years after his original appearance on the big screens, fans and collectors will have the chance to add this iconic version of the villain to their collections. Presented on the Inside Iron Studios Day and already available for Pre-Order, check out other future releases from the MCU coming soon by Iron Studios.


– License: Spider-Man: No Way Home
– Scale: 1/10
– Limited edition
– Based on original references
– Made in polystone – *(may contain parts in resin, polystone, PVC, metal and fabric)
– Hand painted
– Includes extra head
– Product dimensions: 12.6 in (H) x 6.7 in (W) x 8.7 in (D)
– Product Weight: 2.2 lbs


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