Iron Studios Luke Skywalker BDS Combat Version – Art Scale 1/0 – The Mandalorian


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Aboard Imperial Officer Moff Gideon’s light cruiser spacecraft, the enigmatic figure of a Jedi Master, dressed in black with a cape and hood, uses all his skill and connection to the power of Force with his left hand, masterfully wielding a saber. of green light wielded in his gloved right hand. At his feet lies the metallic remains of a deadly Dark Trooper droid, part of a security squad that tries in vain to stop the relentless warrior. Inspired by one of the most memorable scenes of the last episode of season 2 of the series The Mandalorian, Iron Studios presents the statue “Luke Skywalker BDS Combat Version – Art Scale 1/10 – The Mandalorian”, with the greatest hero of the Star Wars saga in his unexpected appearance on the Disney+ streaming series.

Apparently, after picking up a signal sent by Grogu (Baby Yoda), when the tiny child was in a trance-like state in the so-called Seer Stone, in the ancient ruins of a temple on the planet Tython, Skywalker arrived to his rescue at a decisive moment. Using his skills as a Jedi Master, Luke faced and defeated an entire squad of Dark Trooper droids in a shocking scene that thrilled fans around the world. In the end, Luke becomes the child’s new protector, handed over to him by his former guardian Din Djarin (Mando).

This iconic combat scene is now immortalized by Iron Studios, in a piece that brings impressive fidelity to the smallest details, replicating tissue and metallic textures with incredible veracity and the movement in the pose of the Jedi master. In Pre-order, also know the statue “Dark Trooper BDS Art Scale 1/10 – The Mandalorian” that can compose a diorama with Luke, and all the line of future releases from Iron Studios derived from the series The Mandalorian, bringing the most important one’s protagonists in Art Scale 1/10 and Legacy Replica 1/4 statues, follow more news on our social networks.


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