Iron Studios Steppenwolf – Zack Snyder’s Justice League – BDS Art Scale 1/10

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Charged with conquering 150,000 worlds in the name of Darkseid, the powerful General of the Parademons armada (Apokolips’ subservient alien race), wields his Electro Ax (Electro Axe), his main offensive weapon, while observing one of the Mother Boxes, advanced living machines, in the palm of his left hand, ready to open a Boom Tube, a portal to worlds across the multiverse for him to conquer. With its body covered in a shining metallic living armor, which responds to it almost symbiotically, manifesting alterations in combat and closing its blades to protect it, the giant of the race of the so-called New Gods presents itself on a rocky base with details similar to its own. armor decorating his back on the “Steppenwolf – Zack Snyder’ statue

Uncle and herald of the tyrant Darkseid, the conquering lord of Apokolips, Steppenwolf (Step Wolf) once betrayed Darkseid to enemies who wanted to take his throne, but later turned against the would-be usurpers, defeating them in hopes of righting his wrong . Even so, due to his treachery, he was exiled and given the task of conquering 150,000 worlds as a penance. Heeding the call of the Mother Boxes that awoke after Superman’s death, coming to Earth to conquer her, their attack began on Themyscira, the Paradise Island of the Amazons. Discovering on Earth the presence of the Anti-Life Equation, a transcendental mathematical formula that eradicates free will, he alerted Apokolips’ armada, and only the Justice League with the help of a newly resurrected Superman could stop him.

Depicted by Irish actor Ciarán Hinds, Iron Studios brings in its statue the most aggressive representation of the villain in the movie Justice League in the acclaimed version of director Zack Snyder. Presented at the annual virtual event Inside Iron Studios: Second Edition during CCXP Worlds 2021, at the Worlds to Collect arena, Steppenwolf is another pre-sale release of the collection inspired by the so-called Snyder Cut, which will have thirteen statues. With “Superman Black Suit“, “Darkseid“, “Knightmare Batman” and “Wonder Woman” in the Art Scale 1/10 line, and the stylized versions “Superman Black” and “Batman Knightmare” MiniCo, also in Pre-order, there are still six future news to be revealed. Check out more on Iron Studios’ YouTube channel and social media soon.


– License: Justice League
– Scale: 1/10
– Limited edition
– Based on original references the Movie
– Made in polystone – *(may contain parts in resin, polystone, PVC, metal and fabric)
– Hand painted
– Product dimensions: 11.4 in (H) x 7.8 in (W) x 5.9 in (D)
– Product Weight: 2.9 lbs


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