Figurama Collectors YU YU HAKUSHO: YUSUKE VS TOGURO ELITE FANDOM STATUE (Free shipping within Metro Manila)

ETA: 4th Quarter 2024

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Teenage delinquent and street brawler Yusuke Urameshi dies while saving a child from an oncoming car. Due to this act of unusual selflessness, the rulers of the Underworld offer to resurrect him—providing Yusuke can pass a series of tests. With the support of his friends, Yusuke conquers these challenges, returns to his body, and receives the title “Spirit Detective.” Now charged with safeguarding the world of the living from supernatural threats, Yusuke spends his days investigating unusual activity, recovering stolen treasures, defeating demons, and training under a martial arts master named Genkai.

During a rescue mission, Yusuke comes face-to-face with Toguro, a human-turned-demon whose very presence makes his entire body tremble. Toguro challenges the Spirit Detective to a showdown in the Dark Tournament, where only the strongest teams battle—sometimes to the death—to win their ultimate wish. With the time running out, Yusuke risks his life to fully master his Spirit Energy… and uncovers the truth about Genkai’s connection with Toguro before the final showdown.



Yusuke vs. Toguro Elite Fandom Statue makes history as the first Figurama Collector’s piece to feature two display positions for a character. Special engineering allows Yusuke to either hang upside-down in midair as he makes the iconic Spirit Gunshot from the anime, or flip upright for a more desperate pose with his back up against the wall. This feature, combined with five total swappable portraits, provides some of the most diverse display combinations ever designed for a Figurama Collectors statue. Yusuke’s three unique expressions convey his progression from calmness to determination, to rage as he gradually takes facial injuries. Toguro’s two alternative portraits showcase him with or without his dark sunglasses, providing a rare look at the dangerous eyes usually hidden beneath his shades.

Green and blue LED effects illuminate the backdrop, as Toguro’s Demon Energy and Yusuke’s Spirit Energy disrupt the very foundation of the arena. Battling in midair with only airborne stones as a foothold, Yusuke aims a desperate Spirit Gun shot against Toguro’s impenetrable muscular manipulation technique. Beneath this critical moment frozen in time, a miniature replica of the Dark Tournament Stadium serves as the statue’s base, complete with its menacing red orbs and thick, thorny tendrils. Designed for a 360-degree viewing experience, the backside of the statue reveals a discarded entry ticket lying in the rubble. Nearby, a large LED scoreboard details the match and names of the combatants currently engaged in a fight to the death.



  • Edition Size: 500
  • Line: Elite Fandom
  • Size: :1/6-scale; Approximately H59.5cm x W51.5cm x D45cm (H23.4in x W20.2in x D17.7in)
  • Certificate of Authenticity: Signed by Figurama Collectors CEO and Creative Director Mr. Shanab and 3D Artist Miguel Hernandez
  • Includes: 3 portraits for Yusuke, 2 portraits for Toguro, and an Exclusive A3 Art Print
  • Materials:  Polystone, PVC, Translucent Resin, LED
  • Creative Director: Mr. Shanab / Figurama Collectors Development Team
  • Concept Artist: Jarold Sng
  • 3D Artist/Sculptor: Miguel Hernandez
  • Painter: Figurama Collectors


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