Iron Studios Rhino – Spider-man vs Villains Diorama – BDS Art Scale 1/10 (FREE DELIVERY Within Metro Manila)

ETA: 1st Quarter 2025

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Available on March 31, 2025
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Who is Rhino? Originally just another Russian mafia thug, clinging to dreams of easy money and heading towards a short and brutal life, Aleksei Sytsevich was seduced by promises of wealth and power and underwent a series of life-threatening chemical and gamma radiation treatments over several months to transform him into an agent with superhuman strength for a group of professional spies; to some extent, this was also made to support his family. Permanently bonded to his physical form, Aleksei received a powerful armor modeled after a rhinoceros’ skin. Under the codename Rhino, his first mission was to kidnap the astronaut John Jameson, son of the Daily Bugle editor J. Jonah Jameson, and sell him to the highest bidder. However, Aleksei turned against his allies, destroyed their headquarters, and tried to kidnap Jameson on his own, but was defeated by Spider-Man. Becoming a recurring archenemy of the Friendly Neighborhood hero, despite his below-average intelligence, Rhino underwent more treatments to further enhance his strength, and his suit was upgraded with improvements that enabled him to face even the Hulk, without forgetting his grudge against his first arachnid enemy. Exploring the Rhino statue: Starting his assault, the primitive giant can barely change direction or easily stop his advance, running at high speed, he’s capable of catching up with a moving train. His body is covered by a gray modular suit composed of a thick layer of bulletproof polymer similar to a rhinoceros’ skin, which, along with his gamma radiation-derived powers, enhances his strength, durability, and grants him great resistance. With horns on his head capable of penetrating two-inch steel plates, twisted pieces of metal spread at his feet on a base surrounded by tendrils of an alien symbiote from another villain in this battle diorama.
Iron Studios presents the statue “Rhino – Spider-man vs Villains Diorama – BDS Art Scale 1/10”, featuring one of the strongest and most brutal villains from Spider-Man’s rogues’ gallery, as part of another diorama by Iron Studios inspired by Marvel Comics. Figure details: Created for the diorama line of Spider-Man’s greatest villains facing the arachnid hero, the statue Rhino – Spider-man vs Villains Diorama – BDS Art Scale 1/10 measurements are 10.3 in (H) x 8.5 in (W) x 8.2 in (D) – 8.8 lbs., which ensures an impressive display of the figure in any environment. Special features: The statue Rhino – Spider-man vs Villains Diorama – BDS Art Scale 1/10 by Iron Studios will be produced in limited edition. The diorama base present rich details inspired by the original references. Materials and finishing of the piece: Just like all the other statues manufactured by Iron Studios, the statue Rhino – Spider-man vs Villains Diorama – BDS Art Scale 1/10 is made with high quality materials such as Polystone, and may contain parts in resin, PVC, metal, and fabric. In the finishing, the hand painting ensures a unique and exclusive artistic touch to satisfy any collector.
Created by Stan Lee and John Romita Sr., his first appearance was in The Amazing Spider-Man #41 in October 1966. Now available for Pre-Order, revealed first on the monthly show Inside Iron Studios Day of May, check out the other statues of Spider-Man (Deluxe and Regular), and the hero’s enemies Venom (Deluxe and Regular), Doctor Octopus, and the Lizard, which will form the diorama of the Spider-Man vs Villains line, along with other protagonists from the Spider-Verse in this fantastic collection with over 10 Marvel characters by Iron Studios!


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