Iron Studios T-Rex Attack – Jurassic Park Icons

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Who is T-Rex? Featured in all films of the franchise, both in the original trilogy from 1993 to 2001 and in the Jurassic World sequel trilogy from 2015 to 2022, as well as in the spin-offs like the animated series Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, games, and other media, there is no dinosaur more iconic than the Tyrannosaurus Rex, or simply T-Rex. Famous not only for terrorizing visitors but also for inadvertently saving the main human protagonists from other dangerous creatures, playing the role of an anti-hero in the movies. Arguably the most famous dinosaur in the world, originally from North America, it is widely motivated by two objectives: keeping intruders out of its territory and eating any eavesdropper it finds. Based on the story from Michael Crichton’s book of the same name, award-winning filmmaker Steven Spielberg and Universal Studios captivated audiences worldwide in 1993 with the release of Jurassic Park in the movie theaters. Devout fans of the franchise, following a successful partnership that began in 2017, Iron Studios faithfully reproduces it with attention to the tiniest details.

Exploring the T-Rex statue: Recreated by genetic engineering to become an attraction in a zoo-themed amusement park, the largest carnivorous predator to ever walk on Earth, upon noticing a flaw in the containment fence where it was held, without the electric bars, it manages to break free from its captivity and, amidst the torrential waters of a storm on the wild Isla Nublar, while trying to get the kids Tim Murphy and his sister Lex, grandchildren of the park’s creator, advances against a Ford Explorer SUV. To save them, the mathematician Ian Malcolm tries to lure and distract the animal with a flare. A major success in its first release in the Icons statue line, Iron Studios present a new opportunity for fans and collectors who missed out on the first one, bringing the second version of the prehistoric super-predator with the statue “T-Rex Attack – Jurassic Park – Icons”, this time with the animal stepping on and crushing the overturned vehicle, just as in its first appearance on the big screen over 30 years ago. Figure details: Impressing with their wealth of detail and standard of excellence and quality that are trademarks of Iron Studios, the Icons line is already a great success, with mini statues on stylized bases featuring their logo, meticulously bringing the same realistic details in anatomy and painting seen in their larger-scale statues. T-Rex Attack – Jurassic Park – Icons measurements are 5.7 in (H) x 8.5 in (W) x 7.6 in (D) – 1.3 lbs., which ensures an impressive presentation of the figure in any environment.

Special features: The statue T-Rex Attack – Jurassic Park – Icons by Iron Studios will be produced in limited edition. The diorama base present rich details inspired by the original references. Materials and finishing of the piece: Just like all the other statues manufactured by Iron Studios, the statue T-Rex Attack – Jurassic Park – Icons is made with high-quality materials such as Polystone, and may contain parts in resin, PVC, metal, and fabric. In the finishing, the hand panting ensures a unique and exclusive artistic touch to satisfy any collector. Presented on the Inside Iron Studios Day of April, the T-Rex Attack is now available for Pre-Order, check out soon other news from the Icons collection. Follow Iron Studios on social media and their YouTube channel.


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