Iron Studios Deadpool – Deadpool and Wolverine – MiniCo

ETA: 3rd Quarter 2024

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Available on September 30, 2024
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Who is Deadpool?
Wade Wilson had incurable cancer, so he underwent treatment as a guinea pig in the Workshop program, an ultra-secret illegal research organization that experiments on humans to activate any dormant X-genes in their DNA and transform them into mutants. As a result, Wade gained a regenerative healing factor that neutralized his cancer but also left him with horrible burn-like scars all over his body. Wade assumed a new identity as the vigilante known as Deadpool, acting as a mercenary and an unpredictable anti-hero.
Exploring the Deadpool statue:
Outshining the brightest Light, drawing the Camera to his presence, and determining all the Action! He, the talkative mercenary, the scourge of chimichangas, the crimson comedian, the regenerating degenerate, Mr. Wilson observes curiously while seated comfortably in his folding director’s chair, apparently surprised—but only apparently because almost nothing surprises him. His name is Wilson, Wade Wilson, who once again returns to the big screen, breaking the fourth wall and gaining another must-have stylized collectible version by Iron Studios in the statue “Deadpool – Deadpool and Wolverine – MiniCo”, inspired by the promising third film of the beloved crazy anti-hero, this time in partnership with the most popular and relentless X-Men, wearing his yellow uniform for the first time in a movie.
Figure details:
An original from the stylized Toy Art MiniCo line from Iron Studios, the statue Deadpool – Deadpool and Wolverine – MiniCo portrays the character in a fun and playful way, perfect to decorate any room. The statue measurements are 5.2 (H) x 2.9 in (W) x 3.2 in (D) – 0.6 lb., which ensures an impressive display of the figure in any environment.
Special features:
The statue Deadpool – Deadpool and Wolverine – MiniCo by Iron Studios will be produced in limited edition. The diorama base present rich details inspired by the original references.
Materials and finishing of the piece:
Just like all the other statues manufactured by Iron Studios, the statue Deadpool – Deadpool and Wolverine – MiniCo is made with high-quality materials such as Polystone, and may contain parts in resin, PVC, metal, and fabric. In the finishing, the hand painting ensures a unique and exclusive artistic touch to satisfy any collector.
Already available for Pre-order, the Deadpool – Deadpool and Wolverine – MiniCo statue was revealed on the Inside Iron Studios Day of June, just like the eagerly awaited film that hits theaters on July 25th. It makes a perfect pair with the “Wolverine – Deadpool and Wolverine – MiniCo” statue, so make sure to get yours now! And see more new releases from Iron Studios recently revealed on their social media and YouTube channel!


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