Iron Studios Iron Man Unleashed Deluxe – Marvel Comics – Art Scale 1/10 (FREE A4 Poster)

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Available on October 31, 2024
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Perfectly harmonizing with his red and golden armor, elements inspired both by his roots in the comic books, and by his worldwide popular and praised presence on the big screens, the armored avenger presents himself over a technological base filled with details and references, with gas cylinders identified with the Stark Industries logo, the prototype of the boot of a new armor in development by his side, together with his helmet from his original armor creating a contrast between his past and present, and complementing with an Ark reactor by the side-front of the diorama set, Iron Studios proudly present the statue “Iron Man Unleashed Deluxe – Marvel Comics – Art Scale 1/10”, that brings an extra head of the hero without his helmet, with the features of his alter-ego. One of the most requested and expected heroes from the Unleashed Deluxe line by Iron Studios, it`s the first Iron Man from the comics made by Iron Studios in their 10 years of history. Introducing a new standard of excellence on the 1/10 scale, over an extremely detailed base with elements that remind a diorama set of one of his industrial laboratories, uniquely represented, with his armor done with a wide variety of details, shades, and textures in its composition.

Iron Man is the industrialist and inventor Tony Stark, who after being the victim of an accident during an inspection of the gun tests, had fragments of explosives stuck next to his heart. Captured by terrorists who wanted to force him to build a war artifact, Tony, with the help of another genius captive, Professor Ho Yinsen, built a special armor both to keep him alive and to face and run away from his enemies. In the process of escaping, Yinsen ended up dead, emotionally impacting Tony, and causing him to be reborn as the Iron Man. Created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee in 1963, the founding member of the Avengers is the multimedia character of Marvel from the moment he was created but became even more popular worldwide thanks to the charisma of the actor Robert Downey Jr. that played the character since the first independent movie of Marvel Studios in 2008, that led to the origin of the MCU. His armors give him superhuman strength durability, the ability to fly, and an infinite number of weapons and attack and defense gadgets, with constant technological enhancements and innovations, the armors are constantly changing, both in the looks and in the resources, so, each armor has unique features and properties.

Created with extreme attention and care. Rigorously and precisely made down to the tiniest details, to reach max level of highlight in your collection, Iron Studios proudly present their high-end line Unleashed Deluxe Art Scale 1/10, which takes the 1/10 scale to a new standard of excellence never seen before in a statue in these proportions. Revealed firsthand on the monthly event Inside Iron Studios Day of September, on Iron Studios’ YouTube channel, Iron Studios adds with this release, another iconic character from the universe of Marvel, with the evolution in creation and development on that scale. Already available for Pre-Order, check out future Unleashed Deluxe Art Scale 1/10 releases by Iron Studios on their social media.


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