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On top of a column of crystallized rock, a young and enthusiastic sorcerer delights in his dream commanding the waters of the earth and the heavens, gesticulating like a maestro conducting a vigorous symphony, while his servants, in the form of humanized brooms, carry out their task of supply a water source in your castle, until everything gets out of hand. A Disney classic revered to this day as one of the seminal animated films in cinema history, Iron Studios proudly presents the “Mickey Fantasia 100 Years Ver. – Disney Fantasia – Art Scale 1/10” Statue, numbered and limited to 100 pieces , with a richly decorated base bearing the Iron Studios logos and a front plate commemorating the 100th anniversary of Disney, a very special item for fans and collectors to be part of the commemoration of this centenary.

Iron Studios also brings a Deluxe version “Mickey Fantasia DLX – Disney Fantasia – Art Scale 1/10”, on a diorama base full of details and references from the film, with humanized brooms carrying buckets of water and Mickey in his red tunic and magic hat commanding rising waves, and a regular edition “Mickey Fantasia – Disney Fantasia – Art Scale 1/10” based with the young sorcerer atop his regent pedestal.

The story portrays a legend about a sorcerer who had an apprentice, a young man lived by Mickey Mouse, smart and eager for knowledge, so eager that he began to put his master’s knowledge into practice before he knew how to control such powers. Mickey uses a spell in his master Yen-Sid’s absence, bringing a broom to life to perform the grueling task of carrying several buckets of water from a well to a fountain in his castle. Falling asleep for a few moments, the apprentice dreams of great powers, controlling the skies and seas, but upon awakening, he sinks into the waters of a flood caused by his creation that continued without stopping. To stop her, he smashes the broom with an axe, but each splinter of wood becomes a new broom, further aggravating his situation.

With eight animated segments, each accompanied by classical music conducted by conductor Leopold Stokowski conducting the Philadelphia Orchestra, 1940’s Fantasia, Disney Studios’ third animated film, is a wondrous experience that captivates young and old alike today. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, the third part of the film, features Mickey as the protagonist under the symphonic work composed by Paul Dukas. Revealed during CCXP 2022, this beautiful and detailed statue full of references from the film is already available for pre-order. Check out other previously revealed Iron Studios statues that are also available for pre-order this month, and soon more unreleased news on the Iron Studios YouTube channel and social media.


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